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From the desk of CEO

By the grace of Allah Almighty, it has been over 33 years since the start of M/s Kausar Abbas Bhayani, now Bhayani Securities (Pvt.) Limited (BSL). The company is now functioning in all areas of Karachi Stock Exchange with over fourteen employees working diligently in their respective departments.
The journey till date has been tough but through sheer determination, constant persistence and a will to achieve our set goals has been rewarding. The hard work and the time that we have invested in our firm has been the focal point of our philosophy.
Pakistan’s economy has turned in last five years and now with stable policies of the government, liberal and progressive foreign policies, foreign interest and developing infrastructure, I forsee the economy of the country and thus the market flourish.
Kausar Abbas Bhayani,
Chief Executive
Bhayani Securities (Pvt) Ltd.